The 25 greatest NY Giants: Part 1/7 History and Introduction

By: Frank Gray

NY Giants Correspondent

The New York Giants have had a rich and glorious history in the National Football League. The Giants are one of the oldest teams in the league, having been one of the original teams in the newly formed NFL.

The American Professional Football Association (APFA) was the first version of the league formed to play professional football. When the APFA changed to the NFL just two years later (1925), they added the Giants as one of the expanded franchises. The Cardinals and Bears are the only two remaining clubs from that original group.

The Giants have won 23 division titles, 4 NFC titles, 7 championships, including 3 in the super bowl era. They also can claim 27 Hall of Fame players with whom they have had some affiliation.
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The weather will work against the Giants and Jets



This week, both New York football teams combined their efforts. In a rare show of unity, the Giants and the Jets brought players and owners to the new stadium for a press conference to make a plea for a Super Bowl bid. It would be in 2014.

They have a major obstacle and an argument for that obstacle. The weather. It is a well known fact that New York has not only some of the best fans in the world, but also a tremendously large fan base to draw from for an event of this magnitude. When the city of New York takes the big stage in a sporting event, they do so with style, class and a flare that no other city can pull off.

A case in point, the World Series. In the past few years, the city has hosted several World Series games, all with wonderful feedback and results for the city. Another example would be the parades that the city stages for their winning teams. No other city throws a party like New York.

They throw parties all year and end the year with one in the middle of the universe in Time’s Square. No other city can boast that. The city of New York has a mystique and an elegance that no other city can match. There are images branded into our collective subconscious of the city that no other place on Earth can boast.
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